It was my pleasure to meet Natalie at the Pensado awards last year.  Not only is she a charming young lady but one talented singer and songwriter. I wish her the best of luck with her new CD album and her music career.  
Shelea Frazier is my girl.  One of the finest talents I have ever worked with.  She’s one of the most popular singers at my club in Dubai and just completed a six week engagement.
Quincy Jones



Spent an afternoon writing songs with Natalie. She’s a world class vocalist and an outstanding songwriter. It was my pleasure to be a part of her upcoming album.  I’ve worked with Tony Shepperd for years; There’s no finer audio engineer in the business. And it doesn’t get any better than Shelea Frazier.
Reggie Hamilton



For those who have been concerned about the future of R&B, one listen to Natalie Cadet will restore your hope for the future. She is a singer/songwriter with a unique sound and whose voice is sure to be relevant going forward.
Cedric Dent



Angelic, introspective, insightful, revealing, eclectic and uncompromisingly creative. Natalie Cadet’s “My Journey” has captured the true meaning of expression both within the narrative and the music! A must listen for those who hunger and thirst for real heartfelt, soul stirring music!
Rahni Song



Natalie’s smoky voiced rendition in this album is awesome. The compositions are out of this world and arranged and produced really, really well. I loved “Dear Depression” – great vocal layering. “That Other Girl” is fantastic mood-music.”Unrequited Love” is a beautiful, poignant song…loved the lyrics. “Take 5 (feat Katisse Buckingham)” with great scatting vocals and saxophone makes for a heady mix. I absolutely loved the vocal harmonies….done brilliantly. This is a heady album through and through. I am well on my way getting addicted to it.
Ricky Kej